Ward Lock Red Guides

typical early front cover This website is about the earlier (pre-1950s) editions of Ward Lock "Red" travel guides.

It is aimed at fellow enthusiasts and collectors of these guides, to share and provide information about them, their history and bibliography. It has been developed by a small group of enthusiasts and is illustrated with examples from our collections. We would like to acknowledge and give thanks for the many useful contributions of various collectors who have kindly offered information to correct or otherwise improve this site since its first appearance in May 2005.

One of the main objectives of the site is to chart the changing face of the guides and to provide information on which titles were published and when they appeared. We also include advice on how it is possible to date the different editions.

We hope the website will provide an opportunity for informed selling or exchange of guides between collectors - i.e. to participate in a community specialising in these classic books.

map of North Wales The earlier books, which were published from the 1880s until around the early 1950s, were distinguished by having a rich burgundy cloth cover. They were and are known for their detailed fold-out maps, period advertisements and photographs. Many of the guide covers have a lighter, faded appearance and have different designs.

yacht on water

Care has been taken to ensure the accuracy of the information on this website but where mistakes have been made we will endeavour to correct them as they become apparent - please advise us if you believe any information is inaccurate, incomplete or misleading.

We hope you will enjoy reading about the guides and also contribute information and items of interest that you may have.