Sample Advertisements

A distinctive feature of the guides is the advertising section placed mainly at the rear of the book following the index pages,  and also often between the front cover and the title page.  Some typical examples follow and at left, with links to view the corresponding pages:

Description of Advertisement from guide date
Drakes mens shirts Paris 1903
Edwards Harlene for hair Swanage 1903
Fry's Cocoa - rear cover advert isement Clifton 1904
Fennings "don't let your children die"! twin page Clifton 1904
Marshall and Snelgrove Cromer 1919
Macintoshs Toffee Cotswolds c1920
Crosse & Blackwell Gloucester Sauce English Lakes c1920
Brylcream mens hair application Cotswolds c1920s
Burberrys Cotswolds c1920s
RNLI Barmouth 1936
Waifs and Strays Barmouth 1936
RNLI London 1937
Dr Barnardo's Barmouth 1937
Kolynos tooth paste IOW 1939