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A note on errata: To quote from an insert to the 1902-3 Cromer guide (3rd Ed):

"TO OUR READERS. Every care has been taken to render this volume accurate and trustworthy. But it is the lot of all human beings - even of editors of Guide Books who, of all men, should be most careful - to err. In this busy age, too, changes take place, both in town and country, with marvellous rapidity, and thwart at times the efforts of the most painstaking writer. We should, therefore, esteem it a favour should any of our readers discover errors, either of omission or commission, in these pages, if they would promptly inform the Publishers. Such communications will be thankfully acknowledged and the inaccuracies rectified.  THE EDITOR."

We could not put it better in respect of this website! 

If you are a collector of Ward Lock red travel guides, we hope you will enjoy this web site and that it will help you enjoy your collection and share information from like-minded collectors.