red guide series notes

The Red Guide series titles varied over the years,  and we have listed below those that we know about, with their known period span:

Red Guide Series Titles from to
Ward and Lock's (Late Shaw's) Shilling Illustrated Guide Books 1880 1891
Ward Lock & Bowdens Illustrated Guide Book and/or Shilling Guides 1891 1896
Ward Lock & Co Shilling Guides 1897 1916
Ward Lock & Co's Illustrated Guide Books 1917 1950s

The cover and spine descriptions for these publications and series are also included in the covers and spines page .

Closely related to the Red Guide Series are a number of Tourist Guide Series, including the following:

Tourist Handbook Series Titles from to
 Ward Lock & Co Half Crown Handbooks 1897 1916
 Ward Lock & Co's Tourist Handbooks 1917 1929
 Ward Lock's Continental Handbooks 1933 1950