The Original Partners

(in later life)

Ebenezer Ward

George Lock

158 Fleet Street

Fleet Street in the 1850s

about Ward Lock & Co.

In 1854, Ebenezer Ward and George Lock starting a publishing concern and the partnership, not surprisingly, was called Ward and Lock.  The business was originally based in Fleet Street, London but, by the 1870s, it had outgrown its premises and so in 1878 the business moved to Warwick House in Salisbury Square, London.

In the early 1880s, the company became the proprietors of Shaw’s widely-known and well-established series of tourist guides.  Shortly after this, James Bowden was brought into the partnership.

In 1882, an office was opened in New York, America, and in 1884 a further office was opened in Melbourne, Australia. In the mid-1890s, the company opened an office in Toronto, Canada; however, this was closed in 1919.

From 1891 until 1893, the company was known as Ward, Lock and Bowden Company. In 1893 it became Ward Lock and Bowden Ltd.  James Bowden retired in 1897, and the company was renamed as Ward Lock & Co. Ltd.  It continued to trade under this name throughout the 20th century. It is now part of the Octopus Publishing Group.

For further information about Ward Lock & Co., see the key events summary chart.

Other famous books and series were published by Ward Lock.  Many were advertised in the pages of the red guides.  Here are a few examples:

The Fair Britain Series

Mrs Beeton's Cookery Books

Mrs Beeton's Household Management

Six Shilling Copyright Novels

Gardening Books

Wonder Books for Children

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Acknowledgement: Photographs published in 1954 “Adventure In Publishing, The House Of Ward Lock, 1854-1954” By Edward Liveing